If you intend to increase the track width of your wheels, the best solution is to install wheel spacers. With these wheel upgrading components, you can create an additional clearance between your wheel and vehicle hub to get rid of its tucked look. As a result, your wheels are able to sport a wider stance and a more interesting appearance. Aside from changing your wheel’s overall stance, they also allow your vehicle to accommodate larger tires and bigger brakes for increased aesthetic appeal and performance. Installing wheel spacers helps improve your vehicle’s traction. Because now your wheels are mounted further away from the hub assembly, it creates a lower center of gravity. This enables your tires to better grip the road surface, the resistance to rollover enhances, even if you’re driving during wet weather or unfavorable conditions, your truck doesn’t lose gripping power.

How to Keep Wheel Spacers Safe?

Whether you’re planning to use them on your commuting car or your racing car, if you use quality ones and install them correctly, they are exactly safe. Wheel spacers are becoming popular by the day for various reasons. When done right they will improve your vehicle’s handling characteristics, allowing you to easily make turns and go around corners. They also provide a distinct look, which takes your car’s appearance to a whole new level. Although their application is beneficial and perfectly safe, they can have disastrous consequences if you don’t install them correctly. To keep safety, serval guidelines you need to follow:BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Bolt-on Wheel Spacers ET

  • Install your wheel spacers properly under the guidance of professionals.
  • Use reputable quality forged billet aluminum(6061-T6 or 7075-T6 is better) wheel spacers.
  • Use precise hub-centric spacers rather than universal lug-centric spacers.
  • Use a torque wrench with the manufacturer-recommended torque specification to fasten the lug nuts or lug bolts.
  • Check the lug nuts/bolts before every trail and ensure that all nuts are tight.
  • Check and confirm the proper alignment and function of your wheels and tires before driving.
  • Never operate your vehicle if wheels, tires, or wheel spacers are damaged or worn.

How to Get Safest Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are essential to your wheel upgrades. Typically, they are safe to use. However, those cheap unbranded ones do come with some potential danger. In addition, some manufacturers use low-quality casting materials to save on costs which make the spacers more budget-friendly. Avoid those cheap casting spacers! BONOSS has a wide selection of wheel spacers that cater to different vehicle applications. In addition, the wheel spacers in our inventory are made of durable materials like aircraft-grade 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. With high-strength forging builds, these spacers are able to endure even your truck’s most demanding, high-performance drives. The body of our wheel spacers applied advanced black hard coat anodizing technology. The process provides the surface with better abrasion resistance, flame resistance, and smoother and harder finish protection than regular paint or metal plating.