Once the Porsche Macan has been fitted with 5×112 wheel spacers, how do you choose the right extended bolts/lug bolts for the wheels? Apart from looking at the OE bolts and the discussions on the forum, we need accurate information to purchase wheel bolts and of course, the wheel spacers purchased from BONOSS will come with the right extended bolts. In the case of the Porsche Macan fitted with 15mm and 25mm wheel spacers, for example, the inconsistent thickness of the front and rear wheel spacers will add to the frustration of customers who are unsure about the length of the wheel bolts.

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Right Length of Wheel Bolts

The OE wheel bolts length for the 2014-2021 Porsche Macan is 30mm, on this length 15mm wheel spacers are fitted to the front wheels and 25mm wheel spacers are added to the rear wheels. According to “At least the engagement length must be equal to or greater than the diameter of the fastener. ” combined with a simple set of rules of addition and subtraction to ensure that the wheel bolts can be tightened in such a way as to ensure that the mounting hubs do not vibrate and loosen. The length of wheel bolts thread engagement means the hub distance through which the fully formed threads of both the nut and bolt are in contact. What really matters is the length of the wheel bolts thread in contact with the fastener.

Taking the example of a front-wheel fitted with 15mm wheel spacers, the length of bolts to be selected is (30mm + 15mm = 45mm). Wheel bolts that are too short, even if they can be fitted in the appropriate position, will most likely not be able to accept the pressure of the bearing and hub movement, while wheel bolts that are too long may not allow the hub to be tightened against the hub assembly. As a result, it is not advisable to fit bolts that are too long or too short, so please look for bolts of the right length. The figure for rear 25mm wheel spacers requires wheel bolts of length (30mm + 25mm = 55mm) for installation.

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Right Contact Surface and Thread of Wheel Bolts

After calculating how long bolts are required, it is then necessary to select the right bolts based on the bolt contact surface and original threads of the OE wheels, which will be very simple in the case of original wheels. Where do I find these data? Please contact BONOSS Customer Service before purchasing.

We will make one-to-one recommendations based on the vehicle’s hub assembly data and whether or not to use the aftermarket wheels. In addition to this, it is also easy to Google the information about the vehicle, the contact surface of the Porsche Macan wheel bolts is Ball-seat, the thread type is M14x1.5 and the thread size is 19mm. After combining these four key pieces of information you can choose your product with confidence.


Interestingly, in addition to this important information, the issue of rusting bolts is often discussed in the Porsche Macan forum.

“I’m planning on doing a wheel refurb soon & want to replace the tatty/rusty wheel bolts. Can anyone recommend a particular brand or where to source them? I don’t want them going rusty straight away!”

Some poor-quality wheel bolts can become rusty after a period of time. One reason for this is that water or corrosive liquids can accumulate on the surface of wheel bolts during long periods of driving on complex roads, causing rusting. The most common coating ways are Dacromet, Electroplating, Anodizing, and Galvanized. Not having a coating means that rusting occurs quickly and affects the structural properties of the material.

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The BONOSS 12.9 grade extended wheel bolts are protected against rust by electroplating, which is an immersion wet paint finishing process that uses an electric current to deposit paint on the metal surface. A uniform layer of paint is formed on the wheel bolts to protect them from corrosion, while at the same time protecting the internal material of the wheel bolts in a variety of extreme environments such as water damage, exposure to sunlight, and chemicals. This method of rust and corrosion prevention is used by several well-known automotive component manufacturers worldwide and has the advantage of being highly effective and environmentally friendly. Find more about Resistance Rust here.