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Wheel stud conversion can fit aftermarket wheels perfectly. Toyota Supra uses the hub assembly structure of the German BMW structure. As a joint product of Toyota Japan and BMW Germany, Supra collects the advantages of Japanese and German vehicle manufacturing and is welcomed by customers in the market. Supra Japanese cars always have the genes of modification flowing in their pedigree, and a large number of Supra customers like to modify the exaggerated aerodynamic surrounds or install front lip and rear wing, it is like a nig toy that can attract you to invest more money and effort down. Many customers buy BONOSS Titanium Wheel Stud Conversion for modification and also modify aftermarket wheels, so is the wheel stud conversion able to install aftermarket wheels?

Wheel stud conversion provides a conversion of the structure of the mounting method, the German wheel bolts fixing method to the Japanese lug nuts fixing, choose the conical seat lug nuts can install more styles of aftermarket wheels, because most of the aftermarket wheels use the conical seat wheel bolt hole design, if you need to modify the wheel, then the choice of wheel stud conversion is best conical. The use of the wheel stud conversion does not affect the aftermarket wheel conversion, but rather facilitates the selection and installation of the aftermarket wheels.

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Why Wheel Stud Conversion Is Convenient?

When selecting aftermarket wheels on Supra, you may encounter a situation where the thickness of the aftermarket plate does not match the stock wheel bolts, at which point you may need to purchase a set of aftermarket extended wheel bolts of the right thickness, and this brand new set of bolts may only match this set of wheels. BONOSS has designed the Titanium Wheel Stud Conversion to be 75mm in length and to convert the mounting method to allow customers to avoid the problems mentioned above. Select a set of conical aftermarket wheels and put them on 75mm studs, using lug nuts that correspond to the contact surface to secure them. 75mm is long enough to accommodate almost any aftermarket wheels on the market, and the wheel stud conversion features a prominent length that gives your wheels look shinier.

The installation method has been changed to facilitate the installation of wheels. The installation method of German wheels requires a wheel hanger, otherwise, you need to turn into Hercules, holding the wheel while holding the bolt to find the corresponding bolt hole, the thread of the bolt is also easily damaged during the installation process, and the wheel stud conversion only needs to hang the wheel on the wheel studs and use lug nuts to install in a diagonal way, without worrying about the damage of the thread and other accidents.

Can 2023 Toyota Supra Install Wheel Stud Conversion with Aftermarket Wheels-xu (3)

Buy Wheel Stud Conversion While Buying Wheel Spacers

The length of wheel stud conversion can also support the installation of wheel spacers, the above-mentioned exposing length is actually another feature of wheel stud conversion. For example, the BONOSS 75mm product can support the installation of wheel spacers with a thickness of less than 20mm, and there is no need to purchase a new set of extended wheel bolts, the wheel stud conversion with wheel spacers is also the best choice for many customers.

Are Wheel Stud Conversion Safe?

BONOSS wheel stud conversion is only available in titanium alloy, the characteristics and performance of titanium alloy material have been verified in aviation and military applications, it is worth mentioning that titanium metal in titanium alloy has high reactivity and poor processability leading to high manufacturing costs and low material utilization. The formation of an oxygen-rich layer on the surface of the titanium metal forms a natural rust-proof layer, and according to scientific papers and journals, it has been proven that the oxygen-rich layer increases the strength of the titanium metal. The use of raw materials for wheel stud conversion, in the form of alloys, can adjust the performance of the material to a more balanced level.

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