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2021 Jaguar F Pace, a new-designed luxury performance SUV, unsurprisingly meets F Pace enthusiasts’ expectations. Wheel spacer is a popular modification on Jaguar F Pace. Many Jaguar owners will use wheel spacers to give their vehicle a more aggressive stance, and enhance the control experience. But when do you need wheel spacers? What do you need to know before purchasing wheel spacers?

When Do You Need Jaguar F Pace Wheel Spacers?

The wheels sink into the arch. The most straightforward effect of wheel spacers is to move your wheels outward at a moderate distance to make the wheels aligned with the fender flare. If you’re not satisfied with the wheel pose of your F Pace, installing wheel spacers is a simple and cost-effective method to achieve your modification.

The brakes rub against the spokes. To gain better braking performance, it’s normal to upgrade the factory brake kit setup with bigger brake calipers and brake pads. For some rims without corresponding offset/ET, the upgraded calipers will probably rub against the spokes of rims. The problem could be solved at ease by fitting the wheel spacer between the axle and the wheel to create more clearance. You can just consider it as you get a negative rim.

The vibration occurs while cornering. If you feel some vibration when going into the corners, you could try to widen the traction by installing wheel spacers, while a wider wheel is over your budget. The increasing traction provided by wheel spacers gives your Jaguar F Pace higher stability and a bigger scrub radius. If you frequently do off-road campaigns, wheel spacers are also an ideal accessory to improve the off-road performance of our vehicle.


Thanks for the photos from our customers. If there is any infringement, please contact us immediately to delete them.


What Should you Notice Before Purchasing F Pace Wheel Spacers?

Professional measurement. You have to confirm the specified configuration of wheel spacers you need, including PCD (pitch center diameter), CB (center bore), thread type, fastening, and thickness. The first four can be available on the user manual of your Jaguar F Pace, while the thickness must be measured carefully. The thickness is the cross-range between the fender and the sidewall of the tire. It’s safer to let professionals do this, otherwise, too-thick wheel spacers will wear your wheel systems.

High-quality materials. To make sure the safety of Jaguar F Pace wheel spacers, the quality of products must be high-end. Aerospace aluminum 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 are the most ideal materials for wheel spacers so far. Of course, the cost of these F Pace spacers is also more expensive. Also the forged wheel spacers have an excellent performance than casting ones with high purity, precision, and completeness. So, forged AL 6061-T6/7075-T6 can be your premise to look for wheel spacers.

Correct installation. The majority of failures on wheel spacers are caused by the wrong installation. Many owners will make mistakes in the torque applied on lug nuts or wheel bolts. Apply with specified torque by torque wrench until you hear a “Click”. The impact wrench is dangerous to break the studs/bolts because it will put 3-5 times more torque on small/middle-size vehicles than the common torque wrench. Make sure you apply suitable torque and observe the wheel pose by launching the vehicle.