When it comes to wheel spacers, the focus is always safety. It’s a controversial topic all the time. Those who are relatively familiar with wheel spacers might have already known the fact that the safety of wheel spacers depends on the choices and usages. So the problem is, which type of wheel spacer is safer? How to correctly choose wheel spacers?

Which Type of Wheel Spacers is Safer?

From the structure design, hub-centric spacers are safer than lug-centric spacers. As the name says, hub-centric adapters center with the axle hub. This type has two advantages-more adaptabilities and less load. There’s a center ring on the wheel spacer, which is customized to the accurate configuration with your own vehicle, to ensure the tight-fitting and avoid vibration problems. The other advantage is the strong load on the spacers will be transferred to the axle hub through the hub-centric design, which can release the worry about whether whee spacers could stand the giant stress of rounding wheels. On contrary, lug-centric wheel spacers’ disadvantages are just the advantages of hub-centric spacers. When you’re looking for wheel spacers, check if they’re hub-centric designed at first.

From the production process, forged wheel spacers are safer than casting ones. The forging process can produce one-piece model wheel spacers with fewer cracks and impurities. With continuous high-strength extrusions, the structure of wheel spacers will become extremely stable and compressive. The yield strength, tensile strength, and fatigue strength of forged wheel spacers and matching studs/bolts perform better. However, the majority of wheel spacers in the market are produced in casting craft. Although casting wheel spacers will largely save the cost and time of manufacturers, they’re not the optimized choice for customers.

How to Correctly Choose Wheel Spacers?

Besides the structure design and production craft of wheel spacers, there are still many factors you could consider. The most significant factor relating to safety is the professionalism of manufacturers. Check the legitimate certificates of the company, such as business license, patented trademark, product quality reports, and product warranty. Make sure your goods are produced under market supervision.

The other reference is the real cases. The trust is developed with numerous experiences. Don’t select those spacers suitable for a broad range of vehicles which means low accuracy. The practical measurement of different vehicles’ specific configurations is the necessary prerequisite of high precision of production.

The safety of wheel spacers doesn’t have a generalized conclusion. But as long as you get the high-quality and correct-type spacers, install them correctly, and give regular check and maintenance as your vehicle needs, they are definitely safe for you. By the way, if you want to purchase high-performance wheel spacers at a discount, don’t miss our 2021 BLACK FRIDAY SALES!