bonoss-formerly-bloxsport-more-professional-in-productionSince 2007, BONOSS(Formerly bloxsport) has been selling the highest quality top grade automobile wheel accessories (including wheel spacers, wheel bolts, wheel lug nuts, etc.) on the market. We insist on high efficiency, high quality, high safety, and high stability production solution, continuously innovate and optimize production structure. We are proud to produce with our own independent factory.

Our Professionalism and Advantages in Production Follow:

1. Abundant Production Resources

From the raw materials to the product package, we have dedicated departments. All production processes are strictly controlled to ensure high quality and improve production efficiency. Whether it is the workshop layout, equipment configuration, workpiece transfer and other hardware facilities required for production, or soft facilities such as personnel training, production process, process control, and information transmission, are all planned and adjusted around high efficiency, high quality, high safety and high stability. Besides, we have a complete set of facilities for raw material procurement, product packaging, testing, delivery, after-sales and technical guidance. It is your true ONE-STOP service production solution.

2. Professional Testing Agency

  • Test of raw materials

After the raw materials enter the factory, the warehouse personnel will promptly send the sampling notice and quality certificate to the physical and chemical laboratory to take a sample analysis test. All the tests are performed in accordance with international standards. Only the high-quality materials that pass the test will be used. Moreover, we insist on specific materials for specific products, never mix with other inferior materials.

  • Test of products before leaving factory

Before leaving the factory, we have carried out a series of tests on the products to prevent unqualified shipments, discovering, correcting hidden quality hazards in time, and ensure product quality. So far, our products have fully passed the SGS, TUV performance test ISO and SAE standards, including Tensile Test, Tensile Test for Full-Size Fastener, Proof Load Test, Hardness Test, Decarburization Test, Decarburization Test-hardness, Wedge Loading Test, Retempering Test, Chemical Composition Analysis Test, Two Million Limited Life Range Test, 500H Neutral Salt Spray Test, Microstructure Test and so on.

3. Advanced Machinery and Equipment

Best equipment for the best products. In addition to the conventional production facilities, we also have special machinery equipment, dedicated production molds, specific quality examination tools, particular transfer lines for work stations. Since our establishment, we have been adhering to the concept that only the best machines can produce the best products, and constantly improving our mechanical production equipment. So far, the precision has even achieved to 0.02mm. On this basis, we are able to continuously produce high efficiency, high quality, high safety and high stability automobile wheel accessories(including wheel spacers, wheel bolts, wheel lug nuts, etc.).bonoss(formerly bloxsport)-more professional in production

4. Low Cost, High Efficiency, High Quality

What’s more, our 10+ years of professional manufacturing experience provides customers with more serving experience and creates more manufacturing service value: faster delivery speed, more stable product quality and higher production qualification rate, lower production cost, more production planning options.

5. Professional Customized Service

Our OEM production solutions are specially prepared for customers in the industry, integrating professionalism, safety, efficiency, quality, packaging, and cost-effectiveness, to completely solve the full set of customer needs, and strictly confidential. Apart from regular production, we configure special equipment and production plans for small-batch customized production to further accelerate the response speed and meet customer service requirements for specific products.

We believe that: focus makes us more professional, and professionalism can create more value for customers.