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Why do you need to use the 2022 BMW X5 wheel spacers? What are the benefits the 2022 BMW X5 can provide to you? Maybe your X5 has some headaches that can be easily solved with X5 spacers, you just don’t know it. “The Natural Leader” – The 2022 BMW X5 gets a good grade in the versatile luxury-SUV ranks, with the BMW standard Adaptive M suspension, M Sport Brakes, M Differential, and a powerful M engine. Compared to the same level rivals like the Porsche Cayenne, Genesis GV80, Audi Q7, and Mercedes GLE, X5’s well-roundedness stand out from the competition. When modifying and upgrading X5, have you considered using BMW X5 wheel spacers to help you do that more conveniently and safely? If you don’t know much about this amazing accessory, then you must read this blog.

The Benefits Of 2022 BMW X5 Wheel Spacers You Didn’t Know

Change the conservative stance of BMW X5

The tires of most vehicles are tucked in the fenders when factory-set and this stance will make the vehicle appear conservative and thin. Although BMW wheels have been improving for these years, it’s still not enough. The 2022 BMW X5 wheel spacers can push the whole tire away from the mounting pad, which means the outside of the tire can run parallel to or protrude from the car body kits. Although a set of negative ET wheels can do these functions, the affordable price of wheel spacers and flexibility of choice in thickness is something that expensive wheels cannot do. Want to make your X5 stand out and take center stage on the city road? Try it out with 2022 BMW X5 wheel spacers!

2022 bmw x5 wheel spacers--bonoss

Reduce the cornering roll of X5, improve the comfort and safety of the SUV

The 2022 BMW X5 offers optional Adaptive M Suspension and 2-axle air suspension, which help lower the SUV’s high-center stance to reduce cornering roll issues. However, these suspension adjustments are certain to the range, and there will be an abrupt gap between the fender and the wheel after lowering them. Use the 2022 BMW X5 wheel spacers to solve the roll problem even more perfectly. Installing X5 spacers of suitable thickness can widen the wheel track width and effectively lower the vehicle’s center of gravity and roll center. Coupled with the suspension adjustments, you can experience racing-like flying close to the ground on this tall SUV.

Improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the brake, avoid the brake fade

Brake fade is caused by the buildup of heat on the braking surfaces and the resulting series of changes and reactions in the components of the braking system. This is the reason why a lot of racing or after a long downhill section, the vehicles’ brake is not as responsive and effective when you hit the brakes. So what kind of parts can improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the brake disc under high temperature? We BONOSS provide the world’s first cooling design, Active Cooling wheel spacers for BMW X5! You will find Cooling Grooves on every X5 spacer. When the wheels are rotating at high speed, these grooves can guide the cold air to quickly contact the brake caliper and axle rotor, and effectively reduce the temperature. This design can effectively avoid the problem of brake fade, allowing you to drive your high-performance vehicle more safely.

2022 bmw x5 wheel spacers--bonoss

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