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Are 2022 Chevy Colorado wheel spacers safe for my truck? What point should I pay attention to when I choose the 2022 Chevy Colorado wheel spacers’ brands? Many Colorado owners will upgrade with larger size aftermarket wheels, which is indeed a way to significantly improve handling and truck appearance. As I mentioned in my previous Blogs, using wheel spacers specifically for the 2022 Chevy Colorado can help you a lot with the tire upgrades. But there are still voices in many automotive forums that it is not safe to install wheel spacers. Is it really safe to use 2022 Chevy Colorado wheel spacers? What is the truth like?

As a company that has been engaged in the auto accessory industry for more than ten years, we have witnessed countless successful cases. I can responsibly say, YES, using wheel spacers is actually safe, as long as you install wheel spacers of high quality and proper thickness according to the standard installation method, there will never be any safety issues. Maybe I can’t convince you like this, so next I will introduce how the 2022 Chevy Colorado wheel spacers work and a few important factors to pay attention to when choosing the high-quality wheel spacers.

How Do The 2022 Chevy Colorado Wheel Spacers Work On Your Truck?

Wheel spacers are generally installed on the axle rotor. By extending the mounting pad of the wheel on the axle rotor, the whole tire is pushed away from the car body. So where does the claim that using wheel spacers is dangerous come from? Those who have seen or experienced tire losing and shaking caused by using cheap and nasty spacer products. Choosing to use inferior wheel spacers is a source of danger, from spacer production materials to model data matching accuracy. Inferior wheel spacers are still cast from steel or other raw materials with insufficient strength. In the bumpy driving of the vehicle for a long time, the strength of the wheel spacer itself is not enough to support the weight of the vehicle, so the tire will fall off. This is not a hazard caused by the construction and design of the spacer. Nowadays, high-quality wheel spacers are forged from aerospace-grade aluminum alloys (above 6061-T6). From the authority strength test, their hardness can even exceed the strength of ordinary wheels, so using high-quality wheel spacers will not cause the problem of breakage due to insufficient spacer strength.

2022 chevy colorado wheel spacers--bonoss

The second is the tire falling off or shaking caused by vehicle data matching. Every car has its own wheel size. The key data are Center Bore, PCD, Thread Size, and some subtle data in the wheel assembly, such as the length of the screw protruding from the wheel, the diameter of the axle rotor, and the factory brake caliper size. These are vehicle data that need to be actually measured when designing a wheel spacer. Once you use a spacer brand product that has not been researched on these data but just refers to the Internet data, you will experience tire falling off and vibration problems. Because after installing their spacer, there are still gaps between the wheel hub and the axle hub, these gaps will change the original load-bearing structure of the vehicle. The weight of the vehicle and the shear force can not pass to the axle hub, which will cause the wheel studs or other components to break.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Selecting A 2022 Chevy Colorado Wheel Spacer?

As I mentioned above, selecting a wheel spacer must pay attention to the strength of the material and the matching accuracy with the vehicle. We recommend that you choose a set of wheel spacers that use aluminum alloy 6061-T6/7075-T6 grade. The adaptability should also match the wheel size of your 2022 Chevy Colorado, PCD-6×120, Center Bore-66.9mm, Thread Size-M14x1.5, etc. After receiving your Colorado wheel spacer, you can check the spacer’s vehicle data matching accuracy with the Paper Test. If you want to convert data such as bolt patterns, you need to find a merchant that supports Customization Service.

In addition to the above two points of materials and data matching, you also need to pay attention to the type of wheel spacer you choose. There are 4 types of conventional wheel spacers on the market, bolt-on hub-centric wheel spacers; bolt-on lug-centric wheel spacers; slip-on hub-centric wheel spacers; slip-on lug-centric wheel spacers. Here we recommend that if your Colorado needs to use a spacer thicker than 12mm, then you must choose a bolt-on hub-centric type of spacer to ensure your driving safety. There are a few more details to pay attention to, ultimately, choosing an experienced and reputable wheel spacer is always a good choice. On the contrary, some cheap wheel spacers seen on e-commerce platforms are neither own official websites nor customer service personnel, so it is difficult to guarantee your safety such products.

2022 chevy colorado wheel spacers--bonoss

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