2022 gmc sierra wheel spacers--bonoss

If you’re looking to level up your Sierra by installing wheel spacers, here’s everything you need to know. “Light-duty Pickup Truck!” – The 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 gets more modern interior and high-tech features this year, while still maintaining the same versatility and capability. Its top-of-the-line Denali Ultimate has struggled to compete in this market with the Chevy Silverado 1500 and Ram 1500. If you want to use wheel spacers to solve some modification problems, then we BONOSS will tell you everything you need to know here!

What Are 2022 GMC Sierra Wheel Spacers Made Of?

Most of the spacers on the market are made of metal. For large vehicles such as trucks or SUVs, aluminum alloys are generally used. High-quality wheel spacers will be forged with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy 6061-T6/7075-T6. This type of spacer is superior to spacers of low-quality materials in terms of strength and lightweight. A spacer with greater strength will provide better protection for the safe passage of unconventional roads, and lightweight is more considered by racing cars. Here are some data provided by Wikipedia:

2022 gmc sierra wheel spacers--bonoss

Why Use 2022 GMC Sierra Wheel Spacers?

Most of the time, the tires have friction problems with suspension kits, car frames, brake calipers, or other components after replacing the larger size upgrade tires. Use wheel spacers to tune the offset and backspacing of the wheels to provide more space to accommodate these parts. This is very common because most 4WD vehicles come from the factory with very high backspacing on the rear wheels, which is prone to friction problems when replacing larger tires.

The second is that if you are dissatisfied with the conservative stance of the stock tires of your vehicle, and hope to make whole tires protrude from the car body to visually make the vehicle more aggressive. Given that wheel spacers are much cheaper than negative ET wheels, this is a cost-effective upgrade option for vehicle appearance improvement. Of course, there are many people who don’t use wheel spacers for these two reasons. For example, to adjust the steering problem, improve the wheel matching problem, and so on.

2022 gmc sierra wheel spacers--bonoss

How 2022 GMC Sierra Wheel Spacers Work On Your Pickup Truck?

2022 GMC Sierra wheel spacers are specially designed for the wheel size of Sierra. It can be precisely installed on the axle rotor of Sierra, and it has a set of studs and screw holes. The screw holes are used to fix the wheel studs of the Sierra, and the studs are used to fix the wheels. This way it will be installed between the wheel hub and the axle hub, and the two will be firmly connected with a ring step that matches the Center Bore of both. This will not change any wheel loading structure, as if it is a new plane protruding from the axle hub.