When you want to improve the appearance, you need Audi TT wheel spacers; when you want to enhance the handling and performance, you need Audi TT wheel spacers; when you want to fit larger wheels or tires on your vehicle, you need Audi TT wheel spacers; when you want to avoid rubbing or clearance issues with your wheels or tires, you need Audi TT wheel spacers.

When should you run Audi TT wheel spacers?

How do Audi TT wheel spacers boost your car?

The appearance of your vehicle is a matter of personal preference and taste, but many people agree that wheel spacers can improve the look of your vehicle by changing its stance and proportions. Wheel spacers can make your wheels more flush with the fenders, creating a more aggressive and sporty look. They can also make your wheels more visible and noticeable, highlighting their design and style.

The handling and performance of your vehicle are affected by various factors, such as your suspension system, steering system, brake system, etc. Wheel spacers can affect these factors by changing the geometry and dynamics of your vehicle.

Increasing the clearance of your wheels or tires: The clearance of your wheels or tires is the amount of space that allows them to move freely without rubbing against your fenders or other parts of your vehicle. You need to have enough clearance for your wheels or tires to accommodate suspension travel, steering angle, tire flex, and load variations. Wheel spacers can increase the clearance of your wheels or tires by pushing them outward, away from the inner edge of your fenders.

Correcting the offset of your wheels or tires: The offset of your wheels or tires is the distance between the centerline of the wheel or tire and the mounting surface of the hub. A positive offset means that the mounting surface is closer to the outside edge of the wheel or tire, while a negative offset means that it is closer to the inside edge. The offset of your wheels or tires affects how they sit under your fenders, as well as how they affect your vehicle’s handling and performance. Wheel spacers can correct the offset of your wheels or tires by changing their position relative to the hub.

When should you run Audi TT wheel spacers?

Which brand of Audi TT wheel spacers are best?

One of the reputable wheel spacers brands is BONOSS. This brand commits to focusing on high-quality wheel spacers and bolts manufacture. BONOSS Audi TT wheel spacers are outstanding and edged in the high-strength that completely ensures safety, and a couple of globally patented designs that add more functions to spacers.

BONOSS Audi TT wheel spacers are high-strength materials like 7075T6 or 6061T6 forged aluminum alloys. 7075T6 aluminum alloy has a compact structure and strong corrosion resistance. It is the best for aviation and marine plates. It has general corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties and anode reaction. The fine grains make the deep drilling performance better, and the tool wear resistance is enhanced.

Besides, BONOSS Audi TT wheel spacers have undergone black anodized coating, which establishes an oxide film of several microns to hundreds of microns that can be formed on the surface of the aluminum. Compared with the natural oxide film of aluminum alloy, its corrosion resistance, wear resistance and decoration have been significantly improved and enhanced.

BONOSS is the pioneer who devised active cooling grooves. These grooves that are designed in light of aerodynamics are engraved to create space for heat dissipation. In the stock brake assembly, there is no space for the brake kit to drop temperature which causes thermal decay and reduces brake response. The active cooling grooves have been tested to aid on relieve thermal decay and improve brake response, especially when wheels rotate fast.


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