If you are toying with the idea of mounting wheel spacers on your Audi RS4, you are open to YouTube videos, online posts, and forums. It is typical to advise you to pump hub-centric wheel spacers. But why do you need hub-centric spacers instead of lug-centric?

What are Hub-Centric Audi RS4 wheel spacers?

Hub-centric wheel spacers are wheel spacers that are designed to fit snugly over the hub of the vehicle, matching its center bore and diameter. This means that they center on the hub of the vehicle while simulating the piloting lip on the face side. The piloting lip is a raised ring that helps to align and support the wheel on the hub. Hub-centric wheel spacers also have a lip on their outer edge that matches the center bore of the wheel, ensuring a perfect fit and balance.

The main advantage of hub-centric wheel spacers is that they eliminate any possibility of vibration or wobble caused by an uneven load distribution or misalignment between the hub and the wheel. They also reduce the stress on the lug nuts and studs, as they do not bear the weight of the wheel. Hub-centric wheel spacers are more secure and stable than lug-centric ones, which only rely on the lug nuts to center and hold the wheel.

Do I Need Hub-Centric Audi RS4 Wheel Spacers?

Why do I need hub-centric Audi RS4 wheel spacers for my car?

Audi RS4 is a high-performance vehicle that requires precise engineering and tuning to deliver optimal results. The wheels of an Audi RS4 are designed to fit perfectly on its hubs, with no gap or play between them. This ensures a smooth and responsive ride, as well as a reliable braking system. However, if you want to customize your Audi RS4 with aftermarket wheels or tires, you might encounter some issues.

One issue is that aftermarket wheels might have a different center bore than your Audi RS4 hubs, which means that they will not fit snugly over them. This can create a gap or play between the hub and the wheel, which can cause vibration, noise, or even damage to your suspension components. Another issue is that aftermarket wheels might have a different offset than your Audi RS4 wheels, which means that they will sit closer or farther from your fenders. This can affect your handling, steering geometry, scrub radius, and clearance.

To solve these issues, you can use hub-centric wheel spacers that are specifically made for your Audi RS4 model. These wheel spacers will match your Audi RS4 hubs and wheels in terms of center bore and diameter, ensuring a perfect fit and alignment. They will also allow you to adjust your offset and widen your track width, giving you more options for customizing your ride. Hub-centric wheel spacers will not only improve the aesthetics of your Audi RS4 but also its performance and safety.

Do I Need Hub-Centric Audi RS4 Wheel Spacers?

Which brand of Audi RS4 wheel spacers are safe to drive with?

BONOSS Audi RS4 wheel spacers are made of 6061-T6 or 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, which is lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant. They also undergo a forging process that enhances their strength and density, making them more resistant to deformation and cracking.

Forging is a process that involves applying high pressure and temperature to a metal piece to change its shape and structure. This can improve the mechanical properties and quality of the metal, as well as reduce defects and impurities. Forging can also increase the fatigue resistance and wear resistance of the metal, which are important for wheel spacers that are subjected to constant stress and friction.

BONOSS Audi RS4 wheel spacers are designed with precise measurements and specifications to ensure perfect fitment and alignment with your car. They also feature a knurled edge that makes them easy to install and remove.

BONOSS Audi RS4 wheel spacers are outstanding and famous for active cooling technique. This design is the grooves on the surface of the spacer in order to create space between the hub and spacer for heat dissipation. These groove patterns which are petal and symmetric are devised based on principles of aerodynamics. Especially when the wheel rotates fast, the heat dissipates quickly to relieve thermal decay and improve brake response.



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