Are BONOSS 5×120 Wheel Spacers Safe BMW 3 G20? Why wheel spacer is safe?

First of all, BONOSS wheel spacers can be found from the design point of view that contains hub centric design to ensure a close fit with the BMW axle head, BMW’s vehicle updates allow users to enjoy a better driving experience, likewise, BONOSS also keep the design data updated to help owners better choose modification products, BONOSS from the original factory BONOSS collects design data from original vehicles, and through a large amount of data comparison to ensure the correctness of wheel spacer and axle head data, which is not done by many similar competitors in the market.

Secondly, from the use point of view, we can find that the conservative thickness of wheel spacers achieves the installation purpose and safety, most of the owners choose 10mm wheel spacers and 12mm wheel spacers. the conservative data can also solve the problems that have been criticized such as the left and right wheel spacers being widened. The larger data is also chosen by vehicles with off-road needs, and of course, special data customization services are available to meet customer needs.

Again, proper installation is a major factor in safety. We recommend making sure there is no clearance between the BMW wheel spacers and the axle head during installation, aligning the screw holes and applying the recommended torque for diagonal installation, and using the corresponding length of BMW stock bolts for fixing.

Customers who want to do DIY can also watch the video above to learn and install in a safe manner. Find more on Youtube.



Why choose BONOSS Wheel Spacers for BMW 3 G20?

BONOSS BMW wheel spacers are made of 6061 or higher grade 7075 forged aluminum alloy, which is a lighter weight material chosen under the premise of safety. The life of the product is greatly extended. Some customers may be worried about what is an anodizing process, from the Professional Explanation “Anodic oxidation is an electrochemical method for the production of an oxide film on a metallic substrate. It removes electrons from a substance and oxidizes the anode”. Whichever way you analyze it, the BONOSS wheel spacers are very safe for the BMW 3 G20.


How to choose the right bolt to use for BMW wheel spacers?

BMW 3 G20 adopts 27mm 14×1.25 tapered bolts to fix the wheels, in the common modification cases, customers may be worried about the bolt length after installing wheel spacers, but BONOSS has designed a series of corresponding products, based on the original data to consider the modified data correspondence, various lengths of corresponding bolts are in stock. Currently, BONOSS’ latest bolt products include Titanium Stud Conversion Kits, Forged Grade 12.9 wheel bolts, Shell Type Lock & Bolt Kit, Active Cooling Wheel Spacers, and so on. Browse the official website for more BMW product inquiries and follow us.