Do Wheel Spacers Help Cornering BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers Car Adapters (1)

There are some positive aspects to fitting wheel spacers to your car that can prove beneficial. Moving the wheels outward increases the track width of the car. A wider track lowers the roll center of the car and therefore increases the amount of cornering force that the car is able to carry through its tires. Therefore, when the rims and tires are not ideal for the vehicle’s original design, wheel spacers will be a good solution.

The track width refers to the distance from one wheel’s centerline to another one’s on the same axle. In general, a wider track means more grip in almost every application. Even if you don’t change the tires, the more track width, the better the handling of curves and swerving, and the resistance to rollover. This is very helpful in cornering. Even if it is only a few millimeters, you will experience more comfortable driving.

Will Wheel Spacers Improve Handling?

Even though the handling is a subjective matter, it’s heavily affected by the car’s capabilities and also partly by the wheels. Aside from strut bars, bigger rims and tires with wheel spacers are actually ways to help improve the stability. Larger wheels and tires drastically improve stability and controllability at high speeds. In addition, a set of sports absorbers or coil-overs are likely the most effective method to significantly improve your car’s handling. This upgrade keeps your car stable at high speeds, and nimble through the corners.

Creating more space to accommodate larger components is where wheel spacers come into play. A 30mm wheel spacer will push the wheels out 30mm from the hub assembly. This adds 30mm backspacing which is necessary for keeping those larger tires from crashing absorbers or coil overs when operating a full turn. Wheel spacers may provide a slight improvement in handling. However, they are absolutely the best components that help you set up everything well.

Do Wheel Spacers Help Cornering BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers Car Adapters (2)

Are Lighter Wheel Spacers Better?

Sometimes it is inevitable that you have to use wheel spacers to fit aftermarket parts. As we all know, making your car lighter actually improves handling and body control. Less weight means less wear on your tires and brake pads, too. Therefore, lighter wheel spacers are good options for weight savings. If you are looking for lightweight wheel spacers with durability, then BONOSS forged aluminum spacers kit is a perfect option. Thanks to being lighter weight versus steel alternatives, they’ll give you better fuel economy, especially during city driving. They also dissipate brake heat better which is exactly good for rims or brakes.

With various wheel spacers, there is nothing that physically stops the size of the modification. They essentially enhance the cornering by widening the track. If there is interference when installing bigger wheels, brake calipers, or new absorbers, different wheel spacers will be necessary. We always recommend hub-centric wheel spacers. They are equipment used to help hold the wheel perfectly centered both during installation and road use.