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We know wheel spacers are usually sold in sets of two, the reason is to take into account the need to mount only on the front or rear wheels, of course, BONOSS recommends the overall adjustment on all four wheels, more conducive to the adjustment of the vehicle’s stance and the coordination of the vehicle driving in the best condition. Please do not stack wheel spacers on wheels, wheel spacers do not support the use of two or more stacked, look for hub-centric wheel spacers whenever possible, they are safe.

Is it Safe to Install Wheel Spacers on the Rear Wheels Only?

It is common to install wheel spacers on all four wheels so that the same proportional track (the distance between the centers of the tire tread on the axle) is maintained from front to rear. However, it is important to note that the spacers cannot be installed on only one side (left and right), you can choose to install only the front or rear wheels. However, you need to make sure that the spacers you install for the left and right wheels are of the same thickness and data to avoid damaging the balance of the vehicle.

Is it Safe to Install Wheel Spacers on the Front Wheels Only?

We know that the front wheels control the steering and the rear wheels are generally not involved in the steering (some special models are exceptions), the front wheel track is wider than the rear wheel track is a common vehicle modification stance, and the most criticism is the front wheel turning radius is expanded, the scrub radius becomes larger, the impact is more cautious to control the steering wheel when turning at low speed, but this is also one of the benefits of wheel spacers. The expanded turning radius can help the vehicle to get more stable cornering.

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Is It Safe to Run Wheel Spacers on the Mercedes-Benz G550 Rear Only-xu (3)

Why Use Wheel Spacers?

Most customers who purchase off-road or SUV models choose to install wheel spacers because the wider track can be a good way to help improve the vehicle’s passability on special roads. Given that most four-wheel drive vehicles have high factory backspacing values, adding wheels larger than stock wheels may cause friction problems with the suspension, frame, and even body components. Adding wheel spacers will allow the tires to move outward from the vehicle, which can greatly help with clearance and friction issues. Given that wheel spacers are much cheaper than new offset rims (and can be installed at home), they have become a popular upgrade.

It’s hard to explain through words or imagination how thick the wheel spacers are for the Mercedes-Benz G550, some people like to have the wheels flush with the fender, others just need the wheels to avoid the modified performance calipers, and of course, most people choose to have the wheels protrude from the fender (for off-road needs). Wheel spacers are available in thicknesses ranging from 15mm to 45mm, with uncommon thicknesses reaching 50mm and above. The customer in the video chose 30mm wheel spacers, and we can easily find the difference after installing wheel spacers from the comparison chart.

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BONOSS provides two types of wheel spacers, Lightweight Plus wheel spacers and Active Cooling wheel spacers, the Lightweight Plus series are mainly below 20mm in thickness and are suitable for most of the cars in the city. Active Cooling wheel spacers are available in thicknesses of 20mm and above, and are suitable for off-road vehicles in the suburbs and on mountain roads, including but not limited to SUVs. BONOSS supports the customization of wheel spacers with specific thicknesses and data. For the Mercedes-Benz G500, we recommend Bolt-on wheel spacers.

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