2022 Benz Maybach W223 wheel bolts are a successful beast and probably be the most important parts of accessories on your 2022 Maybach. Their work is to ensure each wheel of the 2022 Benz Maybach W223 is attached safely to the axle and provides your car with an excellent driving adventure. Understanding the different sizes and types of the 2022 Benz Maybach W223 wheel bolts is of first importance when your wheel bolts were damaged or were lost.

Types of 2022 Benz Maybach W223 Wheel Bolts

Conical Seat Wheel Bolts. Conical wheel bolts are the most ordinary wheel bolt type. The seat type inward is usually designed with a 60-degree angle. These conical seating wheel bolts are designed for fitting a cone-shaped bolt hole. They are frequently used on vehicles like BMW, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, and Maserati because they are easy to round with the center of wheels. Be careful that the cone shape is similar to the ball seat, so don’t choose the wrong wheel bolt set for your 2022 Benz Maybach W223 rims.

Ball Seat Wheel Bolts. Easily confused with cone seat, the seat on a ball wheel bolt is rounded, which should be distinguished by fingers carefully to get a decision. While not quite as common as conical-seating bolts, ball seat wheel bolts can be found on a certain vehicle such as 2022 Benz Maybach W223, Audi, and Volkswagen. Since the seat type is totally different from most of the aftermarket rims, you have to change a new set of wheel bolts for the new rims unless you buy them from the Mercedes-Benz factory.

BONOSS Forged Grade 12.9 Shell Type Wheel Lock & Bolt Kit (20+4) 2022 Benz Maybach W223 M14×1.5 by rongyan.3

Flat Seat Wheel Bolts. As its name implies, the seat is flat and like a washer. Compared with other different types of wheel bolts, flat seated bolts are probably the most complicated and difficult to install tightly. Centering them evenly onto the axle can be very harsh since they have a short barrel that inserts the lug holes, leading to insufficient torque on the wheel bolts and stuck issues when disassembly.

Spline Drive Wheel Bolts. This unique, small-diameter wheel bolt has a conical seat and a special tape pattern matched with a special key. The narrow grooves on the top and side of the spline drive wheel bolts keep from the dust to avoid corrosion problems and adapt to the low profile key.

Can you over tighten 2022 Benz Maybach W223 Wheel Bolts By Hand?

Even with a long lever, 2022 Benz Maybach W223 wheel bolts won’t be worn off, let alone by hand. Over tightening means that the wheel bolts have reached the end of the thread and are flat against the wheel and you continue to tighten them and start stripping the thread or twisting the bolt. So, unless you are a robot with robotic arms, you cannot over-tighten a wheel bolt only by hand. Over tightening is always caused by the wrong use of the impact wrench. To ensure the safe torque applied on the 2022 Benz Maybach W223 wheel bolts, it’s a better choice to use a torque wrench.

Is A Torque Wrench Necessary For Tightening The 2022 Benz Maybach W223 Wheel Bolts?

Although a torque wrench is not absolutely required, it’s an ideal tool to help you get moderate torque. You need to notice that the wheel bolts are evenly inserted into the lug holes. This prevents the wheel bolts from cracks and fracture issues caused by the forced tightening onto them. You could use the socket to pre-tighten the 2022 Benz Maybach W223 wheel bolts, and then use the torque wrench to thoroughly tighten them after lowering the lift.

BONOSS Forged Grade 12.9 Shell Type Wheel Lock & Bolt Kit (20+4) 2022 Benz Maybach W223 M14×1.5 by rongyan.4

As a rule of thumb, the rough torque range of the 2022 Benz Maybach W223 could be adjusted at 140Nm since the thread type of it is M14×1.5. The biggest advantage of using the torque wrench is that you will hear a ‘Click’ as long as the torque reaches. Unlike torque wrench, the impact wrench will apply 3-5 times the load on the 2022 Benz Maybach W223 wheel bolts, which will easily lead to the fracture of the bolts.

In a word, when you plan to purchase aftermarket rims, make sure the seat type of the new rims is compatible with which of the 2022 Benz Maybach W223 wheel bolts. The torque exerted on the wheel bolts should be around 140Nm by the torque wrench, avoiding the risk of over-tightening. If you have any questions, please contact us and join our discussion group for more actual experience.