In terms of the look, 5mm wheel spacers don’t make a difference. But they do have positive effects on handling and performance. For those who plan on keeping the factory wheels and want to add bigger brake calipers, wheel spacers will be a very useful solution. They increase the clearance between the wheel and the brake rotor. In most cases, 5mm wheel spacers are enough for clearing the rubbing issues. They’re subtle and don’t hurt anything.

Bringing the wheels flush with the fender is an easy way to make the car look better while keeping your wheels inside the fenders is good to lessen chips and road spray (if you live in a rainy area). 5mm wheel spacers fill the wheel wells nicely without looking overdone. They are not wide enough to affect the bearings. Besides, the weight of a 5mm spacer is almost nothing. Installing quality 5mm wheel spacers is totally safe and harmless.

Will-5mm-Wheel-Spacers-Make-A-Difference-BONOSS-5mm-Spacers-Before-and-After-Cai (3)

Will-5mm-Wheel-Spacers-Make-A-Difference-BONOSS-5mm-Spacers-Before-and-After-Cai (5)

Will 5mm Wheel Spacers Make A Noticeable Handling Difference?

Although 5mm wheel spacers are subtle, they make the handling better. If you put a 5mm spacer on each wheel, that adds a total of 10mm track width. Theoretically, a wider track enables your tires to better grip the road surface. The resistance to rollover enhances. When you’re driving in wet weather or unfavorable conditions, your vehicle doesn’t lose gripping power. Even if it is only a few millimeters, you will notice the difference when cornering.

Usually, having the right tires on your car can also increase handling. However, issues arise. Installing wider tires can cause you to contact the inner fenders, and you will have to change the offset accordingly. That is where 5mm wheel spacers come into play. If your OEM wheel offset is ET25, simply adding 5mm wheel spacers to the stock wheels will effectively change their offset to ET20. Normally, this difference negligibly affects the wheel bearings.

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Who Sells Good 5mm Wheel Spacers Near Me?

Since your stock wheels don’t change too much, 5mm wheel spacers shouldn’t hurt your wheel bearings. Despite this, never choose cheap casting spacers. They are components that contact the wheel and vehicle hub directly, so strength is extremely important. Buying from reputable suppliers will be much safer. Spacer suppliers provide quality 5mm wheel spacers and services to customers. They are a hugely important role at every stage of the rim spacers.

BONOSS 5mm wheel spacers undergo a thorough forging process. These spacers are forged using 6061-T6 and 7075-T6 aluminum billets. Thanks to that, they perform and look much better than cheap casting spacers. All BONOSS 5mm spacer complete packages are supplied with SGS and TÜV authoritative certification reports. With our spacer delivery system, we now can offer all cars the perfect 5mm wheel spacers without any quality compromise.

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