More tuning enthusiasts put Audi Q5 wheel spacers both front and back to maintain the balance and wheel alignment. It is dangerous to mount wheel spacers on just one side, which damages the ride balance and causes the car to overturn. Some put them only in front. It is OK if you procure thin wheel spacers for the wheels.

Can I put Audi Q5 wheel spacers on front and back?

Why is better to put Audi Q5 wheel spacers both front and rear?

We install Audi Q5 wheel spacers for clearance, cosmetics, and handling. And most people put Audi Q5 wheel spacers both front and rear also for these three purposes.

Wheel spacers allow you to fit larger or wider wheels and tires that would otherwise rub against the fenders or suspension components. It is typical to swap all four wheels instead of only front or rear. Hence you also need to add wheel spacers to your four wheels. It is a similar case if your modified wheel offset is too positive or new calipers are so large to rub the wheels. In these cases, you have to put spacers on four wheels.

Some use wheel spacers in their Audi just for cosmetics. They can enhance the look of the Audi Q5 by filling the wheel arches and giving it a more aggressive stance. The common steps are to measure the fender gap with an angel ruler and pick up the same thickness of wheel spacers as the gap for the wheels to attain a flush appearance in all four wheels. They shall not just put on the front or rear, which looks out of tune and weird.

Putting spacers on all four wheels is capable to maintain the stock wheel alignment. If you utilize a pair of fat wheel spacers like 50mm only front or rear, you destroy the balance of riding. The wheel misalignment leads to lots of issues:

  • Increase the movement resistance of the vehicle, causing more fuel consumption;
  • Deformation of the front suspension and steering system (serious cases);
  • Cause abnormal tire wear (excessive wear or eccentric wear and eccentric tire phenomenon);
  • The direction positioning is not accurate, the return position is not in place, and it is easy to cause deviation (even if you are used to driving on the left);
  • Vehicles are prone to vibrations, which can cause uncomfortable resonances that can shorten the fatigue cycle of metals.

Hence it is advisable to put wheel spacers on all four wheels if you have decided to modify your Audi with wheel spacers. If you get thin wheel spacers like 5, 8, 10mm, a pair is proper.

Can I put Audi Q5 wheel spacers on front and back?

Which Audi Q5 wheel spacers do you need?

For quality, fitment, and price, BONOSS Audi Q5 wheel spacers are a good deal. BONOSS is one of the reputable and experienced wheel spacer brands that have produced and sold quality wheel spacers and wheel bolts for over 10 years.

BONOSS spacers are lightweight anodized wheel spacers made from one-piece 7075-T6 or 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The paired wheel bolts are respectively ISO grade 12.9 and the nuts are ISO grade 10. To select quality wheel spacers that are not prone to failure, you ought to always check the grade first. Commonly, 6061-T6 wheel spacers and 10.9 wheel bolts are up to standard and can ensure safety. Some car models need extended wheel studs. Hence ISO grade 12.9 studs are more secure and reliable.

BONOSS insists on independent real-car measurements and tests. The PCD and CD provided online or in the manual are not accurate enough for wheel spacers manufacture. This is why some brands processed spacers that cannot fit the hub bore snugly and even cause vibrations. BONOSS multi-stage hu-centric wheel spacers can fit every detail of the wheel assembly based on accurate measurements and a CNC machine.

As quality and high-accuracy wheel spacers, BONOSS Audi Q5 wheel spacers are the most affordable go-for. Some veterans sell a pair of slip-on wheel spacers for over 80$ and bolt-on wheel spacers for over 150$. But BONOSS spacers are over 50$ and 100$ a pair with the same quality that has been fully verified by ISO, SGS, and TUV.


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