Can anyone offer a Audi Q7 owner some advice on wheel spacers please?
Firstly, what are the pros & cons of using them…is it actually beneficial to the handling or purely cosmetic? (are they actually worth fitting??)
Secondly, what is the preferred size of spacers for stock Q7 wheels and would they need to be hubcentric?
Lastly, where would be the best place to procure them from and how much should I expect to pay??

 Some tuning enthusiasts who were toying with the idea of mounting Audi Q7 wheel spacers on their Q7 quired these questions in the forum. Are wheel spacers exactly good to run on Audi Q7? In this post, we will dive into the benefits and risks of Audi Q7 wheel spacers from a neutral standpoint.

Audi Q7 wheel spacers: are they good to run? (from a neutral standpoint)

What can Audi Q7 wheel spacers boost your car and How?

We utilize wheel spacers to create a gap between the wheel and the hub of a vehicle. Someone necessarily runs spacers because he or she swapped the brake caliper or wheels. The new brake caliper is always larger than the stock one, hence probably rubbing against the wheel. Wheel spacers are added to generate space for the larger caliper. And a larger wheel has a so positive offset affecting the suspension of the car. Spacers push the wheel put outwards to ameliorate the offset and improve fitment. In both cases, the Q7 owner has no choice but to add thin spacers.

The first boost of using wheel spacers on an Audi Q7 is to enhance the appearance of the vehicle. They fill the gap between the wheel and the fender, making the vehicle look more flush and balanced. But you need the proper thickness of spacers. It is typical to measure the distance between the outside of the wheels and the bottom of the fenders with a square ruler and apply the same thickness spacers as the distance. The two front wheels are always measured smaller than the two rear wheels. For a flush look, we opt for thicker spacers in the rear wheels. As a reference, an option for Audi Q7 is front 15, and rear 18 according to our tuning experience.

The second boost is to improve the performance and handling of the vehicle. But it depends. In car racing, you can discover that all these cars are equipped with insanely salient wheels and drift freely. A wider track can exactly improve the stability and cornering ability of the vehicle, as well as reduce the body roll and understeer. Adding spacers between wheels and hubs, you can also get a wider track.

A 5mm spacer can also increase the track width of the vehicle. But the track width only adds 10mm, which is so slight to make a difference. A 50mm spacer can obviously give you an experience like a race car. But it may affect the suspension and encounter some other issues. If you run front 15 and rear 18 wheel spacers, the truth is that you can sense the handling improvement, but it would not delight you as the flush appearance. If you prefer a more aggressive stance and wanna protrude the wheel outward the fender, you’d better check the laws and regulations in your region. Some region forbids that the wheel is outer the fender.

The third boost is to easily adjust the offset and backspacing. Wheel spacers are easy and cheap to install. If you are not satiated with the stock or tuned wheel offset, you can adjust them with wheel spacers without much effort. A zero offset is the summit point to enhance the mechanical performance of your wheels.

When do Audi Q7 wheel spacers fail? How to fix them?

All modifications to a vehicle come with risks. If you mount wheel spacers in your Q7, you face issues. But most of these issues can be avoided if you choose brand and fit spacers, install them according to the guide and maintain them regularly.

The first risk is the breakage of the spacer and bolt. The strength level indicates whether the spacers and bolts are prone to damage. The bottom level you can choose is forged 6065-T6 aluminum alloy spacers and ISO 10.9 bolts. If you love high-speed or rover off-road, 7075-T6 AL spacers and 12.9 bolts are more reliable. Low-quality spacers and bolts increase the risk on the road. But it still tricky to distinguish them.

A simple tip is the price range: a pair of quality slip-on wheel spacers is over 50$; a pair of quality bolt-on spacers is over 100$. In light of the thickness, the price is higher. You can sight that cheap wheel spacers online is cheap to be about 20$, because they are cast or made from jungles.

The second risk is noise, vibration and wobble. These issues are generated by the unfitment of spacers and bolts. There are some possibilities:

  1. Wheel spacers are unfit for your bolt pattern and hub bore.
  2. You torque lug bolts not properly—untight or overtight. Untight torque lead to loosening and overtight may cause bolts to bend.
  3. You use lug-centric wheel spacers.

You can check these if your can face these issues. It is secure to pump hub-centric and fit wheel spacers.

Heavy steel wheel spacers truly exert extra hurt to bearings. But lightweight aluminum alloy wheel spacers add minimal load and wear to them. But if you get thick wheel spacers like 50mm, it is advised to do wheel alignment.

Audi Q7 wheel spacers: are they good to run? (from a neutral standpoint)

Where  to buy Audi Q7 wheel spacers?

The simple guide that I have mentioned to procure quality wheel spacers is the price range. But if let me recommend a high cost-effective go-for, it is BONOSS wheel spacers. This brand is reputable and famous for fitment and customization. They are now applying a lower-price strategy to open more markets.

BONOSS Audi Q7 wheel spacers are forged 7075-T6 or 6061-T6 AL made from one-piece billet. The lug bolts and extended bolts are ISO grade 12.9. The spacer body has undergone anodization and the bolts are Dacromet crafted.

BONOSS Audi Q7 wheel spacers are multi-stage hub-centric wheel spacers. Multi-stage wheel spacers can correspond to the stages and chamfers on the hub bore hence securing tightly and snugly. A multi-stage hub-centric wheel spacer is more stable than a common one.

BONOSS Audi Q7 wheel spacers are active cooling wheel spacers. If you procure 20mm+ bolt-on wheel spacers, you can enjoy the active cooling function. The active cooling technique is the exclusive patent of BONOSS wheel spacers. This design can accelerate heat dissipation and relieve thermal decay.


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