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BONOSS Forged Active Cooling Hubcentric PCD5x110 Wheel Spacers for Opel Speedster AL6061-T6


  • Global Pioneer Active Cooling Technique, Safer
  • Forged AL6061-T6 with Tensile Strength ≥ 310 Mpa, Safer
  • ISO Grade 10 Nuts with BONOSS Engraved, Strength ≥ 1110 Mpa, Safer
  • ISO Grade 12.9 Bolts with BONOSS Engraved, Strength ≥ 1220 Mpa, Safer
  • Customized Only in 1-3 Days, OEM/ODM Available, More Professional
  • Over 66 SGS TÜV Test Reports Certificated, More Professional
  • Worry-free 10 Years Warranty, Friendly Customer Service
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The price is for a Pair (2 pcs) Opel Speedster Wheel Spacers, including the required hardware(Bolts/Lug Nuts, etc). For a better shopping experience, it is important to measure the fender gap and confirm thickness before purchasing. Our friendly customer service will help you solve any question.


1. What are the size of Opel Speedster spacers?

Bolt Pattern (PCD):5×110, Center Bore (CB):65.1, Thread: M12x1.5
As long as the vehicles have the same bolt pattern, center bore diameter, and thread size as Opel Speedster, the 5×110 wheel spacers can also be used. For more detail, please click Are these wheel spacers compatible with my vehicle?

2. What are the benefits of BONOSS Opel Speedster wheel spacers?

After installing Speedster wheel spacers, the wheel track can be increased, making driving more stable and comfortable. Besides, the roll angle when turning can be reduced, which is making vehicle handling safer. The Speedster spacers can push the wheels out suitably so that the wheels are flush with the fenders, the appearance of the vehicle can be fuller and more attractive. At the same time, the problem of wheel adapters and the clash between wheel and brakes can be solved. BONOSS has the world’s first active cooling technique, and the rotation of the spacer makes the external cold airflow efficiently and continuously inside the spacer, while cold air is flowing, the heat of the braking system is taken away, achieving the effect of active cooling, and improve braking efficiency and drive safer.

3. How does the active cooling technique of Speedster spacers work? Why it is a breakthrough for traditional spacers?

The back of Speedster spacers has specially petal shape grooves. Because the rotation of the spacer makes the external cold airflow efficiently and continuously inside the spacer, while cold air flows, the heat of the braking system is taken away, thereby achieving the effect of active cooling, improving braking efficiency, and reducing overheating of brakes. This technique maintains the brakes at normal temperature to ensure wheel spacers’ safety and driving security. For a long time, the function of the wheel spacers for cars is single. As a professional spacer designer and manufacturer, BONOSS relies on years of experience and hard work to create the world’s first active cooling technique, diversifying spacers’ functions and increasing their value. On top of that, the production cost of the active cooling technique is almost the same as traditional spacers. So that customers scarcely need to pay extra for this. It is precisely having more functions, higher performance, and more friendly wheel spacers prices that have become the choice of many customers. For more detail, please click BONOSS Active Cooling Wheel Spacers Benefits.

4. Are Speedster wheel spacers safe?

Wheel spacers good or bad determine the safety of spacers, and the same as wheels, wheel brakes, and body kits, there are only quality products that can ensure driving safety. Therefore, if the high-quality Opel Speedster spacers are installed correctly, the spacers are safe. Safety and quality are always the focus of BONOSS, that is the reason why BONOSS wheel spacers use forged aluminum alloy material, taking AL6061-T6 as an example, its tensile strength ≥ 310Mpa. Also, precise 0.02mm CNC machining makes the wheel spacer fit better with the wheel hub assembly and wheel, and the matching BONOSS wheel studs and lug nuts passed the SGS and TUV test. The matching BONOSS wheel studs comply with ISO standard grade 12.9, taking M14x1.5 wheel studs as an example, the tensile strength ≥ 1268Mpa, and the matching lug nuts comply with ISO standard grade 10. Compared with cheap cast wheels, Speedster wheel spacers have higher safety, higher performance, more professional design, and a better installation experience. Precisely because BONOSS believes that more professional production can provide customers with more value. For more detail, please click Are Wheel Spacers Good or Bad?

5. Why do the Speedster wheel spacers need hub-centric?

Installing the Speedster hub-centric wheel spacers can provide higher stability. Opel Speedster spacers have a multi-stage hub-centric design, this design allows the spacers to be more fit on the wheel hub assembly and wheels, thereby reducing high-speed vehicle vibration. Compared with common, the multi-stage hub-centric design of BONOSS makes the installation more fitting and safer, and the Speedster spacers can also be wheel adapted with different data, providing vehicle owners with more choices. For more detail, please click Why do You Need Wheel Spacers with Hub Centric Rings.

6. What are BONOSS Speedster spacers made of? How do they stand out from the common?

BONOSS Opel Speedster spacers are all forged, the manufacturing process of forged makes the internal structure of the spacer denser and firmer. Meanwhile, the material used is aluminum alloy, and it has many outstanding characteristics, such as high strength, wear resistance, excellent toughness, impact resistance, and high-temperature resistance. This metal has good mechanical properties and taking AL6061-T6 as an example, its tensile strength is≥ 310Mpa, yield strength is≥ 275Mpa, and failure elongation ≈ 10%. Compared with industry standards, the cheap spacers which use low-quality materials are not strong enough and will deform and endanger driving safety under strong impact. In contrast, BONOSS insists on producing professional Speedster wheel spacers far higher than the industry’s safety and professional standards. For more detail, please click How to Choose Safe Wheel Spacers.

7. What is the performance of the wheel studs and lug nuts in Speedster spacers? Why does each have the BONOSS Logo?

The BONOSS wheel studs and lug nuts passed the SGS and TUV tests. The matching wheel studs applied JIS SCM440 steel material, and it has many desirable properties such as high strength, wear resistance, excellent toughness, and impact resistance. It also has good ductility and high-temperature stress resistance, structural stability, low harmful elements, few surface defects, and more advantages. Besides, it has achieved ISO standard grade 12.9, taking M14x1.5 as an example, its tensile strength ≥ 1220Mpa, ultimate tensile load ≥ 152000N, hardness (HV) ≥ 395, NSS ≥ 500H… The matching lug nuts applied 40Cr material, by continuous forging process, they have achieved ISO standard grade 10, and its proof load ≥ 1110Mpa, hardness (HV) ≥ 349… They can easily withstand hundreds of strong shocks for normal driving and are sufficient to cope with intense racing competitions. This excellent performance stems from BONOSS’s professional and dedicated attitude, as evidenced by the BONOSS Logo on each product. BONOSS insists on producing professional Opel Speedster wheel spacers far higher than the industry’s safety and professional standards. For more detail, please click How to Improve Wheel Spacer Safety.

8. Can I customize Opel Speedster spacers with special thicknesses and data? Can it be customized within 3 days?

BONOSS has an independent OEM factory, so customized Speedster wheel spacers can be completed within 1-3 days at the fastest. Besides, BONOSS provides OEM/ODM too. If you need Speedster wheel spacers with special thickness or bolt pattern conversion to install the wheels with different data, the BONOSS custom spacer is your best choice. BONOSS provides customized services of special thickness, the thinnest thickness is 0.1″(3mm), and the thickest thickness is 6.4″ (160mm). Our customized PCD conversion wheel adapters have many choices, such as 5×110 to 5×114.3 adapters, 5 lugs to 6 lugs adapters, and 5×110 to 5×120 adapters. So that the thread size, thickness, and bolt patterns can be customized according to your exact requirements on all-wheel adapters. For more detail, please click BONOSS Custom Wheel Spacers Service.

9. Why do BONOSS Opel Speedster wheel spacers have SGS and TUV test reports?

That’s not only for getting the trust of customers, this is also BONOSS’s confidence in product quality. BONOSS has completely passed more than 66 ISO standards SGS, and TÜV authoritative tests, and achieved excellent results. BONOSS matching wheel studs have passed SGS 2,000,000 times the limited life test, without damage. Taking M14x1.5 wheel studs as an example, tensile strength ≥ 1,220Mpa, ultimate tensile load ≥ 152,000N, hardness (HV) ≥ 395, NSS ≥ 500H… Through these authoritative test reports, BONOSS truly achieves the quality and professionalism expressed, in the form of data, which truly guarantees safety. BONOSS believes that high standards of quality management and authoritative certification reports are the best way to meet customer and regulatory requirements. For more detail, please click BONOSS Wheel Spacers Quality Certificated.

10. What are the benefits of the knurling design of Opel Speedster wheel spacers?

The knurling design can expand the side that can heat dissipation contact area to contact more external cold air, enhance the heat dissipation effect, and reduce the internal stress of machining. Besides, upgrading the performance, strength, and durability of the wheel spacers. On the other hand, adding the knurling design on the side enhance the aesthetics of the Opel Speedster wheel spacers. BONOSS aims to provide more additional functions for the Speedster spacers and make the spacers become safer higher performance and have a better installation experience. This is the reason why BONOSS insists on independent manufacturing and continuous optimization of a design. In addition to practical functions, there is a sense of art. For more detail, please click Are Wheel Spacers A Good Idea?

11. What is the difference in vehicle handling experience after installing BONOSS Speedster spacers?

After Installing Opel Speedster wheel spacers, that can push the wheel rims and tires out slightly, thereby increasing the wheel track and the vehicle handling will become more stable. Most track and field racing cars pursue the highest performance and the best appearance, and the wider track means better traction, thereby increasing the vehicle control experience, providing better turning performance and more stable driving. The gap in the fender’s plate can be filled and get an outstanding appearance with BONOSS Speedster spacers, and the tolerance of the BONOSS spacer is 0.02mm, which is more suitable for the wheel. Not only reduces the vehicle vibration at high speed but also provides a smoother driving experience. For more detail, please click Wheel Spacer Handling Improvement.

12. What kind of Mercedes Speedster spacers should I choose to fit other brand wheel rims such as BBS wheel rims, Vossen wheel rims, and OZ wheel rims?

Mercedes Speedster wheel spacers, wheel studs, and lug nuts are equally important to the wheel. An excessive positive offset will cause friction between the inner side of the rims and the suspension components. In this case, installing wheel spacers can provide the clearance required to avoid friction between the inner side of the rims and the suspension assembly, and correct the deviation by pushing away from the rims. Opel Speedster Wheel spacers can also be used to adapt the car’s pattern and center bore diameter. In this way, aftermarket rims with different data can be installed. Example, are BBS wheel rims, AMG wheel rims, AEZ wheel rims, Antera wheel rims, OZ wheel rims, and Vossen wheel rims. Compared with those cheap cast spacers, BONOSS Mercedes Speedster spacers are safer and more professional. For more detail, please click When to Use Wheel Spacers for Aftermarket Wheels.

13. How do I choose Opel Speedster spacers for avoiding the problem after installing Prior Design brakes, AP Racing brakes, Brembo brakes, or other brands?

High-performance brake kits are usually larger than car parts, and the caliper usually cannot be accommodated in the original rim space. A suitable gap can be obtained by replacing a larger rim and avoiding friction between the rim and the brake caliper. If you have installed a larger brake caliper and want to fix the current wheel on the vehicle without scratching, installing the Mercedes Speedster spacers will be the most cost-effective solution. Mercedes Speedster wheel spacers can be adapted to Brembo wheel brakes, AP Racing wheel brakes, Prior Design wheel brakes, EBC wheel brakes, Endless wheel brakes, and Alcon wheel brakes. Compared with those cheap cast spacers, BONOSS Opel Speedster spacers are safer and more professional. For more detail, please click When to Use Wheel Spacers for Big Brake Kit.

14. What kind of Opel Speedster spacers do I choose to fit the body kit or aero kits?

Usually, wide-body kits include the upgrades of larger-size wheels and bigger brake kits, and the Opel Speedster spacers allow adding larger wheels and larger brakes. This is a very safe upgrade if you are going to drive a wide-body car on the track. Installing spacers is the simplest and most effective modification to lower the chassis, widen the wheel track and make the wheels flush with the fenders. Opel Speedster wheel spacers can be matched with AMG wide-body kit, Brabus wide-body kit, Carlsson wide-body kit, Liberty Walk wide-body kit, and Hamann wide-body kit. BONOSS Opel Speedster wheel spacers have 25mm-50mm thick for choosing. For more detail, please click When to Use Wheel Spacers for Wide-body Kit.

15. How to choose Opel Speedster wheel adapters for installing Audi wheels, BMW wheels, Porsche wheels, or anything else?

For the same wheel bolt pattern, we can customize a 3mm to 160mm wheel adapter to fit the wheel, and what you will need to do is check the thickness you need and contact us. In some sense, the Opel Speedster wheel adapters also play the role of wheel spacers increasing the wheel track. Because wheel adapter can push the wheel outward too, and make the wheel flush with the fender. At the same time, it can also be used to solve the gap issue of brakes, tie rods, and other suspension parts. Compared with spacers, Opel Speedster wheel adapters can change the PCD and the diameter of the center bore so that you can install wheels with different data. In brief, installing wheel adapters make the vehicle obtain better turning performance, a smoother driving experience, and a fuller appearance. For more detail, please click Do you need wheel spacers or wheel adapters?

16. How to measure and determine the thickness of the Speedster spacers?

Using a straight edge or metal rule, place the straight edge on the outermost part of the rims where the wheel comes closest to the fender. Then this distance is the thickness that can achieve the look that flushes or nearly flushes with the fender. But if the wheel spacers are too thin, rims or caliper will still have interference. On the opposite, the tires will hit the fenders. So, using suitable size spacers not only ensure safety but also avoid breaking local laws and regulations. At present, BONOSS Speedster spacers have a thickness of 25mm-50mm for choosing. For more detail, please click How to Measure Wheel Spacers for My Vehicle.

17. How to install Opel Speedster wheel spacers?

Installing Opel Speedster wheel spacers is very easy, please click How to Put Spacers on Wheels to get the correct installation steps.

18. Where can I buy Speedster spacers near me?

You can place an order directly here, or click this link to view the dealer near you to make a purchase. For more detail, please click Wheel Spacers Near Me.

1. Which express will deliver my Opel Speedster spacers? How much does the shipping cost? Does it include import tax?

After placing the order, BONOSS’s shipping department will give priority to choose FEDEX, DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, or other express delivery for you, and then deliver your Opel Speedster spacers as soon as possible. The shipping cost calculation is based on the shipping weight and volume and doesn’t include import tax. Also, the special service fees in remote areas are not included but will be charged in rare cases. If this happens, we will contact you in advance.

2. How soon will my Opel Speedster wheel spacers ship?

Generally, existing Opel Speedster spacers are shipped within 24-48 hours, and the customized spacers are shipped in about 3 days (some special custom orders or models may take longer). Once your Opel Speedster spacers are shipped, we will provide you with the tracking number by email. Please pay attention that if you have not received the tracking number or have other questions, please contact our friendly customer service staff.

3. How soon can my Opel Speedster spacers arrive?

The general time is 3-7days, but may be affected by aviation, weather, politics, customs clearance, or other factors. But don’t worry, because it usually doesn’t take long, and we will follow up the whole process so that your Opel Speedster wheel spacers can arrive faster.

4. Where is my Opel Speedster wheel spacer shipping address?

BONOSS has a lot of multiple distribution centers around the world, and we will give priority to choosing the warehouse nearest to your delivery address or the most price-friendly area. But we recommend purchasing from a local dealer to get your Opel Speedster spacers faster and save shipping costs. Click here to find out Who sells wheel spacers near me.

5. Can I receive my BONOSS Opel Speedster spacers in my country and location?

In fact, through FedEx / DHL / UPS / TNT / EMS and other shipping channels, BONOSS Opel Speedster spacers can be shipped to most countries and regions in the world, so you don’t need to worry about it. But a few remote carriers will charge special service fees in rare cases. If this happens, we will contact you in advance. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer service staff.

6. What should I do if my Opel Speedster spacers encountered problems during shipping?

In rare cases, due to the reasons of a third party, the product may be damaged, lost, delayed, etc. during ship. Once this happens, or if you encounter any problems during the delivery of your Opel Speedster spacers, please contact us and we will help you strive for the best benefits.
Please attention: In some cases, when BONOSS Opel Speedster wheel spacers arrive at your local delivery place, and you will bear all responsibilities if the product is returned or destroyed due to your failure to clear customs or sign for receipt in time.

Thank you for choosing BONOSS Opel Speedster Wheel Spacers. To provide you with a more convenient, fast, and safe payment method, BONOSS selects most of the popular international trading methods. If none of the payments below is suitable for you, please contact us for the solution. So far, BONOSS fully supports the following payments:

(1) Recommend PayPal.
(2) Bank Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) Accepted.
(3) Western Union Payment Accepted.
(4) Alipay and WeChat Pay Accepted.
(5) Not Accepted Cryptocurrencies.

Notice: Please ensure that the Billing details and Shipping address are completely correct, and welcome to Contact Us if you have any questions.

We sincerely hope that our products bring a good experience and happiness to your life.  The return will bring actual interest losses to each other, we do not recommend this, but we fully respect your right to return. We agree to a 100% refund for the product when the following conditions are met, but you need to bear the resulting freight and taxes.

(1) Within 30 calendar days.
(2) The product has not been used, the package is complete, and the product will not affect the second use.
(3) Customized products do not support returns.

If you have consulted our professional services before purchasing, and the product is not applicable due to our reasons, we will take the responsibility of returning the product(s). For more details, check on Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for choosing BONOSS Opel Speedster Wheel Spacers. BONOSS has been designing and manufacturing wheel spacers since 2007. Professional production experience and excellent product quality make us confident to provide a Super Long Warranty Service up to 10 years that far exceeds the period of most brands.

BONOSS promises that if there is any quality problem with the product within 10 years, we will provide warranty service. Please Check Warranty.

Dear customers, thank you for your support and trust in BONOSS products, and we are looking forward to meeting you again. Purchasing BONOSS wheel spacers for your Opel Speedster is the correct choice because safety and quality are always the focus of BONOSS.

We believe that getting an outstanding appearance by installing Opel Speedster wheel spacers is not only a way to express individuality but also reflects the attitude of loving life and pursuing happiness. We are also looking forward to more and more friends sharing their stories of Opel Speedster and BONOSS on social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. We hope you will be one of them, and share why you choose BONOSS or what’s the difference before and after installation. Besides, you can also share interesting things about wheels, brakes, wide-body kits and suspension modifications, or other modifications, and let more people can feel your happiness.

At the same time, we are the best listener. We hope you can tell us your views and suggestions on the product, and your valuable suggestions will help us to improve the product. Finally, no matter what problems you have or need our help with, please contact us. To thank you for your sharing and suggestions, contact us to get special coupons.

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