Not all 2023 Audi RS4 wheel spacers are created equal, and choosing the right size for your car is crucial. If the spacers are too thin, they might not make a noticeable difference or even cause vibration issues. If the spacers are too thick, they might cause excessive stress on the wheel bearings, hubs, or studs, or interfere with the bodywork or suspension.

So how do you determine which size 2023 Audi RS4 wheel spacers should you get? There are several factors to consider, such as:

  • The original wheel size, PCD (pitch circle diameter), offset, and center bore of your car
  • The desired wheel size, PCD, offset, and the center bore of your aftermarket wheels (if applicable)
  • The amount of clearance or poke you want to achieve
  • The legal limits or regulations in your area regarding wheel spacers

The 2023 Audi RS4 has a wheel size of 19×9 inches, a PCD of 5×112 mm, an offset of ET26 mm, and a center bore of 66.6 mm. These specifications are important to know when choosing wheel spacers, as they determine how the wheel fits on the hub and how far it sticks out from the fender.

Which size 2023 Audi RS4 wheel spacers should I get?

How thick 2023 Audi RS4 wheel spacers should you pump?

If you want to keep your original wheels, you can use a simple formula to calculate how much spacer thickness you need to achieve a certain amount of poke (the distance from the outer edge of the wheel to the fender):

Spacer thickness = Desired poke – (Wheel width / 2 + Offset)

For example, if you want to have a 5 mm poke, you can plug in the numbers:

Spacer thickness = 5 – (9 / 2 + 26)

Spacer thickness = -17.5 mm

This means that you don’t need any spacers at all, as your original wheels already have a slight poke of 17.5 mm. In fact, adding any spacers would make your wheels stick out too much and potentially cause problems.

However, if you want to install aftermarket wheels with different specifications, you need to adjust the formula accordingly. For example, if you want to install 20×10 inch wheels with a PCD of 5×112 mm, an offset of ET35 mm, and a center bore of 66.6 mm, and you still want to have a 5 mm poke, you can plug in the numbers:

Spacer thickness = 5 – (10 / 2 + 35)

Spacer thickness = -25 mm

This means that you need to install 25 mm thick spacers to achieve the same amount of poke as your original wheels. However, this might be too much for your car, as it would increase the track width by 50 mm and possibly cause rubbing or scraping issues. Therefore, you might want to opt for thinner spacers or lower your car’s ride height to accommodate the bigger wheels.

Which size 2023 Audi RS4 wheel spacers should I get?

Which brand of 2023 Audi RS4 wheel spacers are reliable?

BONOSS provides encompassing service and outstanding 2023 Audi RS4 wheel spacers. BONOSS (formerly bloxsport) has served millions of customers and is professional in spacer production and data measurements, and is outstanding for a couple of patented designs. They provide a 10-year warranty and considerate consulting.

Customization for 2023 Audi RS4. BONOSS spacers are specially produced for most vehicle models. They are measured and processed more accurately for your RS4. Based on the data online, the mechanics of BONOSS remeasured over 95% of wheel and hub data of car models, concluding that not all data online is precise enough. Moreover, BONOSS 2023 Audi RS4 wheel spacers are CNC-machined precisely to 0.02mm tolerance.

High-performance products. The spacers and bolts of BONOSS are over 66 SGS and TUV certificated. The spacers are anodized AL7075-T6, while the wheel bolts are ISO grade 12.9. All of them are high strength and quality so that can prevent from breaking, bending, cracking or rusting.

Active cooling grooves. You can only see these arcuated and pretty grooves in BONOSS spacers because this patent is devised and possessed by BONOSS. These dissipation grooves that are designed to fit aerodynamics function to cool the brake by creating space between the hub and wheel spacers. They have been proven to be capable to relieve thermal decay and improve brake response.


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